About us

Founded in May 2019, AMARISIA INTL SRL – Social Lobby and Advocacy is a company with solid expertise in Romania and worldwide with strong analytical, partnership, diplomatic and communication skills.

We seek to understand, learn and be able to safely operate our clients. We help to address some of the most critical social issues, by partnering with the most efficient and change-oriented nonprofit organizations, private and public entities. We support our clients plan and measure the development results.

We are a passionate team who prioritize our clients’ business and always try to focus on their needs in order to provide a personalized approach to their project.

We are committed to achieving fruitful goals, serving what we believe in, by integrating, polishing, refining, crafting and healing.

We have extensive experience in facilitating dialogue and collaboration with diversified stakeholders, bringing together all actors to address pressing policy challenges.

We have the competence to establish the vision and strategy and to translate them into tangible and actionable plans.


Our mission is to develop the conventional working environment and the spiritual path by providing tangible strategic consulting services to our clients and services to meet a useful purpose or to serve the higher realities in which we believe.


Our goal is to rationalize the vision and provide a sound and practical agent through which we can make an impact on the world around us, but also serving the inner causes to which we are deeply devoted


  • We are practical and well-grounded professionals with high levels of competence in our work, committed to see actions and results
  • We are a genuine service and we transform our beliefs into a tangible form
  • We are honest and direct in our dealings and apply the highest ethical standards to everything we do
  • We believe that respect is the foundation for our relationship with our customers
  • We have the passion, energy and innovative thinking to transform it and use it for good